London Yard Management Company Ltd.


You will find all active policies listed under the Policies link and you should familiarise yourself with these as a priority as they are there to assist you to understand the requirements of living on London Yard. Adherence to such policies is mandatory and they are issued in accordance with the lease.

Should you wish to let your property or are allowing it to stand empty for more than one month, you must contact the managing agent, Parc, details on the Contacts page. This is in order to protect your interests and to ensure that the correct procedure is followed.


As a resident of London Yard, you must also ensure you are familiar with the policies of London Yard.


Each quarter the Board produces a Newsletter containing updates and information regarding London Yard. A link to this page can be found on the right hand side, under Links.

Welcome Pack

Our new Welcome Pack is now available for use whether you are a new shareholder or tenant in London Yard. It contains helpful advice on how to get the best from owning and/or living on London Yard.

Important Policies

Of particular importance are:

Working Regulations

If you are undertaking works in your apartment, you and your workforce must adhere to these regulations.

Code of Conduct

This is in place and enforceable to ensure that both the properties of the London Yard Management Company and the terms of the individual leases are met. It also seeks to ensure that any anti-social behaviour by shareholders and tenants is dealt with quickly and effectively.

Breach of Lease or Deed of Covenant

This is the process which is used to deal with any such issues. It is designed to set out clearly the expectations and timelines on both sides. Whilst they have reduced over the last 4 years there are still too many and we seek to ensure they are dealt with efficiently and effectively.


If you do not pay your service charges on time, this is the process we will use to collect the debt. All developments require service charge monies to pay for the running and maintenance of the development and non-payment impacts our ability to meet our costs and will therefore not be tolerated.





Recommended Contractors

Useful Guides (pdf)

Condensation Guide

Mice Deterrent Guide

Welcome Pack