London Yard Management Company Ltd.


In June 2009, London Yard Management Company Ltd released a new parking policy better suited to the needs of London Yard today. Version 5 was released at the beginning of May 2011. Both are now superseded by Version 6.1, released at the beginning of April 2014.

The aim of the parking policy is to be fair and considerate to the needs of residents, visitors and shoppers; to maximise the available parking space across London Yard whilst improving the general standards and appeal of the development to the benefit of current and potential leaseholders, freeholders and tenants.

A number of other initiatives were implemented in 2009 and remain in place, namely:

  • New and improved parking permits to reduce forgeries.
  • A more rigorous process for permit application and issue.
  • Marking of parking bays and no-parking areas across the development.
  • Improved signage relating to parking.
  • Designated parking areas for use by staff of the commercial premises.
  • Improved enforcement of the parking policy by a licensed third party specialist.

Enforcement will be through a third party ticketing company, full details of which are in the policy document. We have also created and published a set of FAQ's to help.

Links (pdf documents)

Parking Policy

Parking permit application form

Parking Policy FAQ