London Yard Management Company Ltd.

London Yard Policies

This page will show all the relevant policies in place to ensure London Yard is appropriately managed for its shareholders by its Management Company and Managing Agent. The links on the right hand side of the page will take you to the relevant sections or documents.

The Working Regulations were created in 2010 in response to multiple issues with inconsiderate working by contractors and leaseholders. If you are going to be doing any work that is beyond the scope of works permitted within the terms of the lease or you engage contractors to work within the development, you must adhere to these regulations.

The Parking policy became active in Q2 2009 and will be rigorously enforced to ensure fair parking for all residents of London Yard.

The Code of Conduct has now been updated against the leases and deeds of covenant and is also in force.

The Breach of Lease or Deed of Covenant is in response to a significant number of such issues.

The Debtors' Process is in response to a significant number of shareholders who have not regularly paid their service charges and this process is in place to ensure that debt is kept to a minimum.

London Yard maintains a responsible and "green" approach to its waste. The Rubbish and Recycling pack is there to provide guidance and instruction on how to dispose of waste from London Yard properties.


Working Regulations (pdf)


Code of Conduct

Breach Of Lease Process (pdf)

Debtors' Process (pdf)

Rubbish and Recycling