London Yard Management Company Ltd.

LYMC Board of Directors

Undernoted you will find the names of current Directors and a brief outline from them on their skills and why they want to be on the Board. Directors who retired are listed on the archive page.

Claire Mills (Director). Co-opted Nov 2019. I have been a freehold resident of London Yard since 2007. I live on the estate with my husband and two children, who both attend a local primary and secondary school. Having lived on the Isle of Dogs myself for over 20 years and with my husband and his family living here all their lives we are exceptionally familiar with the area. I would like to ensure that London Yard remains a safe and lovely place to live for all, and help to make a difference on the estate for the better.

Gerhard Woertche (Director). Co-opted January 2020. I have been living in the Isle of Dogs since January 2016 and bought a flat in Frans Hals Court in November 2019. I am very passionate about making the London Yard a great place to live. I have experience in speaking with all kinds of stakeholders and a keen eye for detail. With my skill set, attitude, and motivation, I am well positioned to work closely with the team, especially Parc Properties finance officers to ensure we make the best use of the funds across the estate.

Clive Hawkes (Director). Co-opted March 2020. For the last 30 years of my life, I have worked solely in the field of managing large residential estates and individual properties and was in fact the Managing Agent for London Yard for a 12 year period up to 1999 - at which point this side of our business was acquired by a PLC. Shortly thereafter, and at the request of the then Board, I served on the Board of London Yard for another 5 years. I do believe and hope therefore that I can add a wealth of experience and historical knowledge to the London Yard Board and the Estate as a whole.

Helen Green (Director). Co-opted March 2020. I am an accountant by trade, turned restaurateur since 1994. I have owned and run a local 500-cover Chinese restaurant for over 25 years. My role in the business includes controlling finances, marketing, pricing & quality control, administration and not least managing a 40-strong team. Over the years I have made a lot of business contacts, financial, legal and other contractors; some of whom may be useful for reference in providing quotations required. I love living in this development. For some time, I have been concerned about the level of service charge for the amenities we enjoy. I felt It may be time to review the short-term and long-term expenditure programme to look for possible cost savings, efficiencies and adequacy of reserves. These factors may eventually affect the value of our properties if not controlled. The best way I can assist is by offering my time and possible business experience in joining the Board of Directors of LYMC. I am a female of ethnic origin, Hong Kong Chinese, educated in England since 1970, married to an Englishman, mother of two grown up daughters and an OAP.

Theo Alatas (Director). Co-opted May 2018 and elected at the AGM in June 2018. I am a leaseholder in Frans Hals Court since October 2017. I work as a Project Manager and have over 10 years experience in energy and construction projects. I hope my experience will prove useful and help add value to the development.

Sally Anne Hill (Director). When I stood down a few years ago, I was working in a Court in Central London, often until the building closed @19:00, so could not guarantee to get back in time for meetings. Nor could I attend the daytime 'walkabouts'. I retired in November, 2019, however, and am keen to resume service to the Estate .I have been a Freeholder here since June 2004, and my husband, Pete, and I are full time residents. Previously, there were no other Freeholders on the Board, though the people from whom we bought this property had been involved, and I understand that the most recent Chairman is also a Freeholder. Pete and I met when we were both in insurance, in which he continued until his retirement, and he is still on various committees which keep him up to date with developments. When I bought my first flat, in Crystal Palace, in 1982, we ten residents had the option of purchasing the Freehold, which we did; I served on that Board for the ten years I was in residence. I am on three Ward Club committees, in the City of London, so continue with negotiations in other aspects of my life.

Giuseppe Calderaro (Director). I am Giuseppe Calderaro and have been living in London Yard together with my wife Ilona for the past 7 years. I would like to serve on the board to help with the running of the estate and make sure it's always welcoming and enjoyable to the residents. I bring my experience as director of my own company and the past experience as director of London Yard.

Dimitris Mantesis (Director). I am a freeholder since 2018. I am a father of two boys and I work at a global professional services firm, based in Canary Wharf. I have studied economics and finance and have spent my career in the banking industry. My family and I are really happy living in our estate and community and I feel it is my duty to support in any way that I can. I am keen to join the board of directors so as to use my experience to support the management of the development.

Anushka Bhide (Director). Co-opted June 2022. I have been a resident of London Yard together with my husband since 2008. I am passionate about creating a healthy, supportive and positive community spirit. I'm excited to bring my extensive experience in events management to bring our lovely community closer together.

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11th April 2020