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This page records details of LYMC Directors who have resigned from the board.

Directors who retired in 2020

Richard Deogun (Director). Co-opted October 2012, elected at the AGM 2012 and re-elected at the AGM in February 2014. I am Richard Deogun, born and raised in Sweden, moved to the UK in 2000 to do my Masters in economics and finance. I bought my Rembrandts Close flat in 2004. In 2008 I moved back to Sweden but kept the flat, at the moment my cousin is living there. London Yard is a special place for me and I want to make sure it has a great future! After all it is probably the only place in London with its own private beach! I work within the world of foreign exchange for one of the largest Swedish banks.

Deepak Rai (Director). Co-opted September 2014 and elected at the AGM in November 2014. I have been a leaseholder in Frans Hals Court since 2005. I joined the Board because I wanted to positively support the direction in which we continue to move and add value to our development, so all leaseholders and freeholders benefit. I have both been a resident and a landlord for my property here and I own other investment properties in the area, which gives me direct knowledge of how other developments are managed. I work for a large Financial institution in Canary Wharf and have a strong commercial and financial background.

Directors who retired in 2019

Lin Dong (Director). Co-opted October 2012, elected at the AGM 2018. I am a freeholder and a Chartered Accountant. I have been working in both financial and banking industry for over 10 years; my employers include big four accountancy firm, top tier investment banks, well known asset management house and world leading financial markets provider. My job focuses on how businesses are ran and I am able to spot problems and recommend solutions. My skill set means I am well positioned to work with other board members as a team to find the most appropriate solutions that are in the best interests of all owners on the estate.

Directors who retired in 2017

Giuseppe Calderaro

Directors who retired in 2016

Claire Easley (Director). Co-opted May 2014 and elected at the AGM in November 2014. I became a leaseholder in 2013 and live in Block 5a. I work for a large financial institution in Canary Wharf, have a strong background in process and organisational skills and am interested in promoting the community of London Yard.

Directors who retired in 2015

Geoff Roynon (Director). Co-opted October 2012, elected at the AGM 2012. I became a leaseholder in 1992 and live at London Yard in Block 4 (Amsterdam Road). I am a retired mainframe computer programmer in my 60s and use my IT skills to help run the LYMC website.

Jon Stanton (Director). Co-opted October 2012, elected at the AGM 2012 and re-elected at the AGM in November 2014. Hi, I am Jon Stanton and I bought a flat in Van Gogh Court in 2005 (leasehold). At the time I was working for Royal Bank of Scotland as an IT professional. A couple of years ago, after 30 years service, I accepted a redundancy package, and I now work for a spinal cord injuries charity with whom I have volunteered for many years. My main reason for becoming a Director is to add some positive support to the board, and to encourage a greater community spirit between all of the LY home owners and shareholders. As a united group I think we are much better able to care for our estate and its maintenance. I guess I'll bring along a healthy dose of common sense, and an eye on value for money.

Tatyana Kratunova (Director and Company Secretary). Co-opted December 2012 and elected February 2014. I live in a leasehold property in Amsterdam Road which I bought in 2010 and my parents also own properties in London Yard in Frans Hals Court. I joined the Board because I want to help out and improve London Yard. I have a B.A. (Hons) degree in Business Finance from Durham University. I am a software consultant and have worked as a financial software consultant for the majority of my career. I have also done some translation work from French and Russian.

Giulio Ventura (Director). Co-opted December 2012 and elected in February 2014. I became a leaseholder in LY in 2006. I am Italian and I have been living in London for 8 years and before that 4 years in Dublin. I have been positively impressed by the changes in the management of LY in the last two years and I have been kindly offered to join the board. I want to support current board members with different challenges/tasks as they may present. I am interested to create a stronger sense of community brought by an improved place to live and invest. I have a master degree in Business and Economics and diploma in accountancy; I have been working in investment banking for my entire career, with specialisation in managing financial risk.

Jenni Kurinczuk (Director). Co-opted July 2014 and elected at the AGM in November 2014. I became an owner in London Yard in 2014, having rented here for the preceding year and immediately developing a passion for the area! My corporate skills are in the business continuity, audit and project management fields, mostly within large corporations. I decided that I would like to join the London Yard Board to become more involved in the great work they do for the good of all who reside here, and to help ensure that we continue to run it with the appropriate processes and controls in place.

Directors who retired in 2014

Nick Priest (Director and Deputy Chair). Co-opted December 2012 and elected in February 2014, retired November 2014. I became a leaseholder in 2009. My parents are also leaseholders on the estate and have been since it was developed. I have joined the board to assist the current board members with the many challenges that are currently being faced and in order to help maintain the estate as a good place to live and invest in. I work in Wealth Management as a consultant.

Nila Sari (Director). Co-opted March 2014, retired October 2014. I became a leaseholder in 2013 and live at London Yard in Vermeer Court. I have a finance background and a particular interest in London Yard's extensive gardens.

Frances McKeith (Director and Chair). Retired September 2014. I have been a leaseholder in Vermeer Court since December 2006 and on the Board since 2007. I joined the Board shortly after moving here because I wanted to make a positive difference to living and owning property at London Yard. I wanted to make this a great place to live but also to increase property value ahead of market movement by making it visibly well looked after both in terms of the overall look of the development and of effective and transparent management. My skills are nearly 30 years of experience as an IT project manager and in relationship management, both in global environments and in large scale building moves and fit-outs. I was co-opted in 2007, elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2009, 2010 and February 2014.

Tahir Mahmood (Director). Co-opted October 2012, elected at the AGM 2012. Retired June 2014. I am Tahir Mahmood, born in Birmingham but lived in London for most of my life. I purchased my property in Vermeer Court in 2004 but had been living there since 2003. I am an IT professional involved in transitioning projects from build through to production. My main reasons for joining the board are to support the existing members and to represent the families that live on the estate which there are now more of compared to a few years back.

Directors who retired in 2013

Shan Lloyd-Packer (Director). Co-opted October 2012, elected at the AGM 2012. I have been a leaseholder in London Yard since 2007 (apart from a 6 month gap when I changed flats) and think that it offers one of the best living environments on the Island. I have re-joined the Board because, like Christine Inglis, I do not want the one or two negative spoilers to undo the good work that the Board, led by Frances, has achieved over the past 5 years, and allow London yard to slip back into the shambolic state it was in back in 2007, through the lack of a proper level of maintenance and investment. I am a Chartered Tax Adviser by profession, specialising in international VAT, but also bring accounting skills to the table. I have worked for multi-national companies and accounting firms, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, both in the UK and the USA. In my spare time I volunteer for the charity Tax Help for Older People.

Nicola Wildman (Director and Company Secretary). Retired in March 2013. I bought my flat in Van Gogh Court in 2003 and first joined the board in 2008 having been introduced to Frances via a previous director (Catherine Hareb). Pressure of work meant I had to leave shortly afterwards, but I re-joined in 2010. I believe this board has done a lot of work to bring the estate back up to the standard it should be after a lot of neglect and the fruits of all that hard work can now clearly been seen. We try very hard to be inclusive and actively seek representation from all the various blocks as well as from the freeholders on London Yard. My background is in financial services and I have worked for both banks and insurance companies and I bring both people and project management skills to the table.

Christine Inglis (Director). Co-opted October 2012, elected at the AGM 2012. I am a leaseholder in Van Gogh Court and have lived here since 1990. I have been a Director previously, before employment overtook my spare time. Professionally, I am a recruiter doing a lot of interviewing and selection and also a proof-reader - current clients are authors and magazines. For charities I compile and run quizzes, write the odd article and puzzles for magazines and occasionally put together a treasure hunt. I love living here and believe is a very special, individual place to be. I am sorry that a very few spoilers are negative about the Yard and costing us, their neighbours, money, as we have to pay their service charges and legal fees. One of my reasons for rejoining the board is to help fight against this injustice.

Directors who retired in 2012

Gemma Appleby (Director) Retired at the AGM November 2012

Shelley Charik (Director) Retired at the AGM November 2012. I joined the Board in December 2011. I am a retired Civil Servant in my 60s. In 2011 I bought and refurbished a flat in Block 4 (Amsterdam Road) which is let out to tenants. I have university qualifications in Chinese Studies, Economics and Business Administration. I originally trained in industrial marketing and market research in the engineering industry. Later I joined the Civil Service where I did a wide range of jobs before specialising in technology management. I also have experience in legal work and contract management. I have chaired two resident associations.

Mark Ferris (Director) Retired at the AGM November 2012. I have been leaseholder in Vermeer Court since June 2006 and joined the Board in February 2008. I was concerned about abandoned cars, internal decorative repair, the neglected feel of the whole development and the performance of the managing agents (Woods). I wanted to improve London Yard and protect my investment. I am currently employed as Customer Service Director for Buhler Ltd with responsibility for UK, Ireland and Benelux. I have experience in Strategic and Operational Customer Service management, managing personnel, managing projects, implementing new initiatives, customer satisfaction improvement and sales growth. I have a B.Sc. (Hons) 2.1 in French and Economics with International Business and Swedish as subsidiary Language, University of Surrey 1994-98. I am a Member of the Institute of Customer Service.

Roisin Mills (Director). Retired at the AGM 2012. I first came to live at London Yard as a renter in 2004. I became a leaseholder in 2006 and have been letting my flat to tenants. I work as a Business Partner Manager at an Information and Communications Technology company. I have experience in managing projects, processes, events and communications. I have worked as a voice-over actress and also as the Executive Director of the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. I speak four languages, have a teaching diploma in IT skills and am a qualified ISO Auditor.

Catherine Aylward (Director) Retired during the year 2012

Norman Leader (Director). Retired during the year 2012

Jane Miller (Director). Retired during the year 2012

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